iOS 17: Dynamic Island supposedly new home for Siri and more

Apple is said to be pursuing plans to use the Dynamic Island display extension in iOS 17 even more intensively for notifications. Among other things, the voice assistant Siri is to move its display from the lower half of the screen to the upper half. Apparently the marketing department pushed for it. With the iPhone 15, the Dynamic Island is no longer reserved for the Pro models, but can also be found in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

With the Dynamic Island, Apple has made a virtue of the necessity of having a display cut-out for the front camera and face recognition sensors: the pill-shaped black area expands optically on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, for example to show running stopwatches, Show system indicators like mute and other notifications. There are also the so-called Live Activities, which can use this field for a limited time for status displays, such as the time until arrival for taxi services.

An anonymous leaker, who calls himself “941” in reference to Apple’s time used in PR images, claims on Twitter, to be aware of upcoming plans for the interaction of hardware and software. Correct predictions for the appearance of the Dynamic Island and the new battery indicator in iOS 16.1 were already published under the same account in 2022. In addition to the Dynamic Island, the leaker has made other changes in iOS 17 public.

According to him, the marketing department hopes for better sales if the Dynamic Island built into all new fall iPhone models is used even more. It is not yet certain whether Siri will actually move there. Tests are currently running. Currently, those using the voice assistant will see an animation on the bottom, which will grow into a dialog box with Siri’s responses as it progresses. For example, if you are asked about the weather, another info card appears in the upper half. All this would have to be rearranged in case of change.

It was only in iOS 14 that Apple refrained from allowing Siri to take up the entire screen for requests. In addition to Siri, other messages are to move to the Dynamic Island, the anonymous source claims – but does not give any further details.

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