GPT in the keyboard: SwiftKey for iOS with AI chatbot

The iOS version of SwiftKey is back with new features. Microsoft has integrated the GPT-based AI tools from Bing into the SwiftKey keyboard: iPhone users can use it to rephrase text as they type or ask the Bing chatbot, and the normal Bing search is also available. The Android version of SwiftKey should also receive these innovations, they are currently still in beta testing.

In addition to the classic search function and the AI ​​chatbot, which is also available via the Bing app, a new feature in Swiftkey is the function called “change of tone” by Microsoft. This allows the text that has just been typed to be reformulated directly, in different writing styles. The offer ranges from a formal “expert” to “polite” to a “social media post”, the latter of which the AI ​​decorates with emojis and hashtags, for example.

Microsoft is thus rapidly expanding the Bing integration into other apps and services. In addition to SwiftKey, Skype should also offer Bing chat integration in group chats, as the software group announced.

Microsoft had already written off the iOS version of SwiftKey, it was supposed to be discontinued last fall, but it remained available in the App Store. One reason for the further development should also be to bring the new Bing, together with the GPT-based AI tools, to as many platforms as possible as quickly as possible.

In order to be able to use the chat functions in the iOS keyboard, you have to grant it the so-called “full access”, which allows the provider to record and collect all inputs. It is also required to sign up with a SwiftKey account. Unlocking the new Bing with AI chat is also a requirement.

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