Game Subscription: Ubisoft+ has finally arrived on Xbox

Ubisoft is finally bringing its Ubisoft+ gaming subscription to Xbox. The subscription was announced for the Microsoft console in January 2022, but nothing has happened since then. Now some – not all – of the subscription games can also be played on Xbox.

This is possible via the “Multi Access” subscription level from Ubisoft+. It costs 18 euros a month and allows you to play the games not only on the PC but also in the cloud service Luna and on the Xbox. Ubisoft+ normally costs 15 euros a month, so the surcharge is small. The Ubisoft subscription includes many exclusive games from the French studio that can be played as part of the subscription at no extra cost.

However, not the entire catalog is available on the Xbox. 150 games are available on the PC, less than half of which can also be started on the Xbox. The manufacturer provides an overview of the Xbox games in Ubisoft+ via the link.

Some of the more interesting titles that can be played on the Xbox include the “Assassin’s Creed” games including the recent offshoot “Valhalla” and the award-winning strategy game “Anno 1800”, which is only available on the current generation consoles (Xbox Series X/ S) is playable. Ubisoft writes that “many” DLCs are included – but for the console version of “Anno 1800” the big PC DLCs were not ported at all. They are missing there accordingly, but can be played on the PC via Mutli Access.

It is still completely unclear if and when Ubisoft+ will come to the Playstation. Ubisoft had also announced this version of its subscription last year. The French games company bundles its own game productions in Ubisoft+, and new releases are also added directly to the subscription.


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