Developer Snapshots: Programmer news in a sentence or two

Here is the quite subjective selection of smaller messages of the past few days:

  • The PHP framework Laravel was released in version 10.7. Among the innovations is the pipe()– Method in the Process layer that allows to run commands one after another and pass the output of the previous command to the input of the next command.
  • The Ember project has announced the availability of version 4.12 of Ember.js, EmberData and Ember CLI. This version of the web application framework is an incremental, backward compatible release with bug fixes and performance improvements. Most of the changes affect EmberData, the official data persistence library for Ember.js, which alone has 24 new features.
  • Microsoft announced on the developer blog that Microsoft Kiota is now available as an extension for Visual Studio Code. Kiota is a client generator for HTTP REST APIs described by OpenAPI. The software is not only available as a Visual Studio Code extension, but also as a command line tool.
  • The Eclipse Theia development environment has reached version 1.36. In addition to numerous bug fixes, the release also provides new features such as a context menu for the terminal window and an “Expand All” option in the outline view.
  • The backend server Appwrite, designed for building modern backend APIs, is available in version 1.3. Among other things, the new release now also offers settings for teams and provides additional query operators.

  • Microsoft has released Preview 3 of .NET 8 – including updates to ASP.NET Core, .NET MAUI and C# 12. On the way to the next long-term support release (LTS), which is scheduled for November 2023, Microsoft delivers successive improvements and new features. Some of these concern the .NET 8 SDK, which now offers an option for a simplified output path structure. C# 12 introduces default values ​​for lambda expressions and .NET MAUI projects can now integrate specific versions of NuGet packages.
  • Fiberplane has announced a set of open-source libraries called Autometrics to help developers better understand how their code is performing in production. The open-source framework provides Grafana dashboards and Fiberplane notebooks to visualize code performance metrics. The Autometrics libraries build on the open source projects Prometheus and OpenTelemetry.
  • The Eclipse Foundation has called for participation in their annual IoT and Edge Computing survey. She hopes this will provide insight into changes in the ecosystem and has added questions related to the security of the software supply chain.
  • The AI ​​programming aid Amazon CodeWhisperer is generally available and can be used free of charge in the Individual Edition. She can suggest code in the form of comments on the Python, Java, JavaScript, C# and TypeScript programming languages.
  • Release 1.21.0 of Apache NiFi, the free software from the Apache Software Foundation for automating the flow of data between software systems, is currently available. Among other things, this version offers a revised OpenID Connect integration with support for refresh tokens. Additionally, additional components and features were retired in preparation for Apache NiFi 2.0. These include, for example, those affecting Apache Ambari or older versions of Apache Kafka clients.


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