Colorful blossoms and spring tiredness: the pictures of the week (week 15)

It hums and buzzes, chirps and flutters in the garden. Bees, songbirds and many other animals take advantage of the first sunny days. Whether they’re lounging in the sun like the lynx by gallery photographer kahn and yawning spring fatigue from the bottom or like Hendrik Zwintscher’s bee diligently collecting food for themselves and their offspring: Spring brings life and bustle back.

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The gannets are breeding again on Heligoland and the magnolia trees are blooming. A festival for nature photographers. But on some days, winter manages to bring cold and sadness over the landscape once again. The result is beautiful foggy moods like that of manni x.

You can find an overview of all the pictures from this week in our picture gallery:

Picture on Saturday: Koserow pier from The Purist

The Koserow pier is located on the German island of Usedom on the Baltic Sea shore. It is illuminated after dark, usually between 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.
(Image: The Purist)

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