A question of buttons: iPhone 15 Pro now probably with changed operation

Actually, the rumor mill was largely in agreement that Apple will give the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models expected in autumn new control buttons. Instead of moving physical buttons, in the future there should only be solid-state buttons that are controlled using a capacitive process. You would then get feedback when you press the device via the Taptic Engine, the vibration motor. But meanwhile it is said that Apple has technical difficulties in production and is therefore switching back to the old concept. Now there is a whole new development: A leaker on Twitter claims that Apple will at least replace the mute slider.

With this, Apple would bring the action button concept known from the Apple Watch to the iPhone. This can be freely configured for various actions on the computer clock. Something similar would be conceivable when changing from a slide switch for mute/silent on the iPhone to a button. Leaker Unknownz21, who has been right before, claims the volume button concept remains with two-part design similar to before – but possibly in the form of a “rocker” switch that has a notch in the middle. The mute slider disappears.

According to other rumors, Apple calls the new little button a “ringer” (for ringtone) or even an “action” button. There should be a configuration option for this in the iOS operating system. However, such an additional button is not entirely new: via a feature for accessibility, it has long been possible to use tapping on the back of the iPhone screen as a “button”. This works via the integrated motion or acceleration sensor of the phone.

It’s quite astonishing that Apple is still working on such relatively fundamental hardware features – actually, the iPhone 15 is slowly going into production. Nevertheless, the group should continue to work on it and have just made the decision to move away from Solid State. Due to “unresolved technical problems before mass production”, Apple has given up the planned major switch to buttons with pressure sensors (“solid-state buttons”), according to market observers with deep insight into Apple’s supply chain this week.

The iPhone 15 Pro is currently in the hardware test phase and the return to the previous button design will ultimately simplify further development, according to the well-known Apple expert Ming Chi Kuo from Taiwan, among others. He therefore does not expect a significant delay in the mass production of the new iPhones.

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