Private Cloud: OpenStack 27 Antelope im Test

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OpenStack is one of the few actively developed environments for building a private cloud – in open source, the product that once emerged from a cooperation between NASA and Rackspace is undoubtedly the largest. Like the previous releases, the new version 27 called Antelope does not offer any major changes on the code side, but provides various detailed improvements.

More about the cloud

According to a user survey by the Open Infra Foundation, under whose aegis OpenStack (download) now stands, more than 75 percent of all OpenStack users combine the environment with Kubernetes.

Martin Gerhard Loschwitz

Martin Gerhard Loschwitz is a freelance journalist and regularly works on topics such as OpenStack, Kubernetes and Ceph.

Important innovations therefore relate to OpenStack Magnum, the service for container orchestration based on OpenStack: It can now also roll out Kubernetes v1.24, but currently only in connection with Fedora CoreOS. At least that’s enough to keep and renew OpenStack’s certification as an official Kubernetes orchestrator in the sense of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).


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