Plug-in-Hybridmodell BMW XM Red Label

It’s not as if BMW or the even sportier M GmbH in the north of the Bavarian state capital don’t have enough designations to give an even sharper sports version the appropriate expression. For other sports models such as the M3, M5 or M8, there were name suffixes such as “CS”, “Performance” or “Competition”. So now “Red Label”. You could think of a whiskey, but don’t know exactly why. In any case, the model is characterized by a red border for the huge double kidney and other red design details.

In addition to the slightly sharpened look, the spoiled SUV customer gets a significant performance boost from the double-charged 4.4-liter V8 with electric support to 550 kW and a maximum torque of an enormous 1000 Nm, another 200 Nm more than the standard XM. From a standing start, the colossus, which weighs more than 2.5 tons, reaches 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds thanks to all-wheel drive. Optionally, electronically limited only at 290 km/h.

The designers seem to have taken the visual creations of tasteful village youth from Lower Bavaria in the 1980s as a model. In any case, back then there were a lot of technically worn-out 3-series BMWs with a very similar appearance.

The standard consumption: 1.6 to 1.7 liters per 100 kilometers. With a charge of the 25.7 kWh battery, the XM should cover up to 80 kilometers with a WLTP consumption of 33 kWh. The maximum charging power of 7.4 kW should be enough to refill the empty battery in just over four hours at best.

As with the BMW M3/M4 and M5, the four-wheel drive prefers the rear wheels on the road if possible. But there is also a dune mode for the luxury model, which costs at least 203,000 euros and should be available from September. The exclusive top model will be officially presented for the first time at the Auto China trade fair from April 18 to 27, 2023 in Shanghai.


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