Hey, SiriGPT: Free shortcut links Apple devices to ChatGPT

Since the beginning of the hype about text-generating artificial intelligence, there have been many attempts to make the advantages of GPT usable in the Apple operating systems as well. Hopes that Apple itself could soon integrate an interface into its system are low. Apple blogger Federico Viticci has now released S-GPT, a shortcut for Apple’s app of the same name that comes pretty close to integrating ChatGPT into the system.

In version 1, some useful functions can already be carried out with the shortcut by voice or text input. Unlike Apple’s voice assistant Siri, the system also understands questions in the context of a conversation. In addition to knowledge questions to ChatGPT, music requests can be formulated, for example. The shortcut generates its own playlist in Apple Music from the feedback of the text AI. In tests, ChatGPT was also able to meet very unusual requests.

If you want a quick overview of long texts or websites, you can either use the clipboard or the Share command in the Safari browser to summarize them. The same thing works with information extracted from photos using the live text function.

Feedback from S-GPT can also be exported and saved. If the text AI returns a large number of links, it is possible to open them in individual browser tabs with a quick action. According to Viticci, the current range of functions is only the beginning. The 34-year-old blogger and podcaster from Rome, Italy, announced more features. He is also responsible for other popular shortcuts, including Apple Frames, a shortcut that puts screenshots into appropriate device frames.

Setting up the shortcut for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch is just as easy as installing an app: once downloaded, it will be installed in the Shortcuts app. Viticci provides the shortcut for free. In addition, an additional encoder shortcut is required that processes the JSON data of the interface. However, one requirement could deter interested parties: API access from Open AI is required. This is paid for after use – according to Viticci, despite intensive testing, he has only had to pay a small single-digit amount so far. However, it is also possible to set a payment limit with Open AI. Nevertheless, the necessary developer access could slow down some laypeople. If you venture into the shortcut’s command list yourself, you can also switch from the default GPT-3.5 to the latest version, GPT-4.

The web developer Mate Marschalko published a similar shortcut some time ago, but it focuses on smart home control via HomeKit. However, its shortcut also requires API access.

If you shy away from dealing with the API, you might like an app that takes care of it completely. Quite popular here is Petey, an app from the Netherlands that first gained notoriety as watchGPT for the Apple Watch. It is now also available in an iPhone version, which, however, is chargeable.

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