From Shweta Tiwari To Charu Asopa, Television Actresses Who Had Failed Second Marriages

6 Television Actresses Who Had Failed Second Marriages, Shweta Tiwari To Charu Asopa

Marriage is a beautiful institution everybody dreams of getting into. However, while some find their soulmate in one lucky person, there are, unfortunately, some others whose luck does not find them their perfect match, be it in one or even two chances. Well then, check out these television divas whose second chance at finding love and a happy marriage failed miserably!

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#1. Shweta Tiwari failed second marriage with Abhinav Kohli

shweta tiwari

Popularly known for her portrayal of the character of Prerna in the hit serial, Kasauti Zindagi Kay, Shweta Tiwari needs no introduction. Unfortunately, despite her prominent acting career, the actress suffered two terrible heartbreaks regarding her personal life. The actress tied the knot with actor, Raja Chaudhary in 1988. The couple was even blessed with their daughter, Palak, in 2000. However, Raja’s abusive and alcoholic behaviour made the couple call it quits in 2007. In 2013, Shweta married co-actor Abhinav Kohli, and the couple also welcomed their son, Reyansh, a few years later. However, this marriage failed miserably, as Shweta had filed a domestic violence case against Abhinav. As a result, the duo parted ways in 2019.

#2. Chahatt Khanna’s failed second marriage with Farhan Mirza


Popular actress, Chahatt Khanna rose to fame with her stint in the serial, Bade Achhe Lagte Hai. In her personal life, the actress has suffered two failed marriages and has nevertheless come out strong. Chahatt got married to her businessman beau, Bharat Narsinghani, in 2006. But the couple divorced after Bharat had physically assaulted Chahatt. In 2013, Chahatt tied the knot for the second time with Farhan Mirza, with whom she had two daughters. However, Chahatt had filed for divorce from Farhan in 2018, as she had complained of sexual and mental harassment against him.

#3. Sneha Wagh’s failed second marriage with Anurag Solanki


Jyoti fame, Sneha Wagh is known for her powerful acting mettle and graceful persona. However, the actress has faced a huge drawback regarding her personal life. Her first marriage happened at the age of 19 when she tied the knot with Avishkar Darwhekar in 2007. However, due to unknown reasons, Sneha filed for divorce. She then married a second time and tied the knot with Anurag Solanki in 2015. Unfortunately, this marriage also did not succeed, and the couple called it quits a year later.

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#4. Deepshika Nagpal’s failed second marriage with Keshav Arora


Renowned actress, Deepshika Nagpal is remembered for her iconic performances in serials like Shaktimaan, Son Pari, and more, with her controversial stance in the reality show, Bigg Boss Season 8. Coming to her personal life, the actress has suffered two failed marriages. She tied the knot for the first time with the actor, Jeet Upendra, in 1997. The duo also became parents to their two children. Unfortunately, after ten years of marital bliss, the couple called it quits in 2007. Deepshikha tied the knot for the second time to Keshav Arora in 2012. The marriage hit rock bottom this time as well, and the couple divorced.

#5. Priya Bathija’s failed second marriage with Kawaljeet Saluja


Television actress, Priya Bathija is known for her performances in serials like Khwaish, Kasamh Se and many more. The actress’s personal life, however, is completely the opposite of her smooth-sailing professional career. Priya got married for the first time to actor, Jatin Shah in 2009. However, their relationship did not work out well and citing compatibility issues, the couple parted ways in 2011. She married Raipur-based, Dj Kawaljeet Saluja a few years later. Unfortunately, this marriage too, did not last long and the couple separated in 2017.

#6. Charu Asopa’s failed second marriage with Rajeev Sen


The personal life of Charu Asopa has unfortunately become a part of the public’s dirty laundry frequently, more than her professional achievements. The actress, who has been part of many iconic shows like Mere Angne Mein, Baalveer, and Jiji Maa, has faced two failed marriages. Charu was engaged to her co-star, Neeraj Malviya, in 2016. The couple seemed all set to tie the knot when by the end of the year itself, the couple called off their engagement. Fast forward to 2019, Charu tied the knot for the second time with former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen’s brother, Rajeev Sen. The couple welcomed their daughter, Zianna, a few years later. However, in 2022 Rajeev accused Charu of publicly hiding her secret marraige with another man from Rajasthan, and the couple’s relationship hit rock bottom. They continued their attempts at breakup and reconciliation throughout the year until finally, the couple announced living separately and calling off their marriage.

Though these actresses have failed more than once at finding their true love, their stories are nevertheless inspirational!

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