Twitter, Inc. no longer exists: X Corp is owned by Elon Musk’s X Holding

Twitter, Inc is now X Corp. Accordingly, Twitter no longer exists under the original name of the platform, which is obviously still suitable as a domain and name for the service. The X Corp also owned by X Holdings Corp. And of course this belongs to Elon Musk. Last year, before taking over Twitter, he founded three companies called X, they are X Holdings I, II and III.

Twitter’s renaming became known through documents from a court case, which state: “…hereby announces that Twitter, Inc. has been merged with X Corp. and therefore no longer exists as such.” It also says that X Corp. is a private company whose parent company is X Holdings Corp. The Roman numerals of the three companies founded last year do not appear here, so it should be a further or previous renaming. The procedure involves several social networks and the question of permitted blocking.

According to another document, the merger of Twitter and X took place on March 15 in Nevada. X Corp is thus also resident in Nevada and is subject to the law of the US state. There is already a Tesla Gigafactory and the Loop, an underground Tesla route that will connect exhibition halls in Las Vegas and hotels in the future.

The renaming is not that surprising. Elon Musk originally justified the purchase of Twitter by wanting to turn the platform into an all-encompassing app called X. The model for this is the Chinese super app WeChat, an original chat service that has been expanded to include functions such as a payment system. There it is possible to shop in the app, but also to make a doctor’s appointment or a visit to the hairdresser. Accordingly, the short message service itself could be renamed X.

The X is obviously Musk’s favorite letter: The payment service he founded, which later merged into PayPal, was already called X. Musk owns the domain, his space company is called SpaceX and one of his children is also named X AE A-XII , the youngest listens to Exa Dark Sideræl.

It is unclear whether the parent company will also receive the other companies that Elon Musk founded and that he chairs. In view of the different ownership structures, that would be rather difficult. Google could serve as a role model: The group reorganized itself as a holding company in 2015 under the name Alphabet.


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