Tuesday: Tesla with a new plant in China, general renovation of the railways

The electric car manufacturer Tesla announces a new gigafactory in China. Huge energy storage systems are to be manufactured there. The announcement comes at a time when political and economic tensions between Washington and Beijing are increasing. Meanwhile, there is a great need for renovation at Deutsche Bahn. And dark clouds are increasingly brewing over the providers of satellite Internet – the most important reports in a nutshell.

Recently the Technology conflict between the US and China aggravated. Washington wants the People’s Republic isolate technologically and cut off from semiconductors of the latest generations and has to do so passed the Chips Act last yearwith the Investments in domestic semiconductor production should be promoted to the strengthen supply chains and to counter China. Against the background of increasing political and economic tensions between the two superpowers Many foreign companies are relocating their production from China to other countries. The US electric car manufacturer Testa, on the other hand, is building next to the existing assembly plant another mainstay in China. Tesla announces new gigafactory in Shanghai

In the long-distance traffic of the Deutsche Bahn was the Punctuality rate last year was just over 65 percent and thus ten percentage points below the previous year’s level. The reason given by the railways outdated and scarce infrastructure, many construction sites and a rapidly growing volume of traffic. For this year, the punctuality value in long-distance transport be increased to more than 70 percent. But for this, investments must be made in the infrastructure, which has been neglected for years. If it is up to the Federal Government Commissioner for Rail Transport, the railways will lose out general renovation not around. Bahn representative: A general renovation is necessary – improvement is slow

Investors in the satellite internet industry are doing well increasingly disillusioned broad. Last week Richard Bransons Virgin Orbit filed for bankruptcy in the US. The next crash could follow soon. Although the Indo-British company One Web late March right now completed the first phase of its global network build-out has, is increasing Skepticism about the viability of the business model broad. And since the announcement of OneWeb’s merger with the French Eutelsatthe world’s largest operator of commercial services via geostationary satellites, Eutelsat’s stock is tumbling from one all-time low to the next. No good prospects, but rather dark clouds over satellite Internet providers

Given the continued high inflation is the Discussion about the next minimum wage increase in full swing. Social associations called for a sharp increase to 14 euros and more; employers warned of “unrealistic heights”. The traffic light coalition of SPD, Greens and FDP had the minimum wage exceptionally raised by law last year. On October 1, 2022, it had risen from EUR 10.45 to EUR 12. The next increment should then again the Minimum Wage Commission with representatives of employers and employees suggest. Now turns on Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil into the hotly debated debate: Heil expects a “significant increase” in the minimum wage in 2024

For around two weeks now, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) has struggling with a ransomware attack. They forced the newspaper to publish theirs over Easter Shut down systems for production. According to media reports and according to NZZ’s own statements, the cyber attack was and is a number of systems and services in the NZZ infrastructure were affected, including local media associated with her. According to NZZ, the cyber attack be identified and isolated early; Help came from external specialists and experts from the National Center for Cyber ​​Security (NCSC) and the Zurich cantonal police, among others. But the situation was obvious on Monday still not cleaned up. NZZ: Swiss newspapers massively affected by cyber attack

Also important:

  • In addition to three new Star Wars films in the distant and recent past and 15 years after the last episode, Disney is also adding five titles to the series. Star Wars: Three new movies announced


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