SSD multiple adapter: PCIe cards for four M.2 SSDs in the test

When the need for fast storage increases, PCIe cards help, with which large amounts of safe and fast storage can be integrated into the system.

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With M.2 SSDs you can easily and cheaply add fast storage to a PC, the older SATA SSDs are much slower. But while standard mainboards provide up to six connections for the old SATA mass storage devices, manufacturers save money on the M.2 slots, especially on cheap mainboards: Often there are two, sometimes even just one. If you then want to expand your PC, you face a problem.

There is a simple solution for desktop PCs: PCIe plug-in cards for M.2 SSDs. They are available with one, two and four M.2 slots; We tested three models with four M.2 sockets: the Asus “Hyper M.2 X16 Gen 4 Card”, the Delock “PCI Express x16 card for 4 x internal NVMe M.2 Key M” and the “Quad M .2 NVME SSD to PCI-E 4.0 X16 Adapter” from an unknown manufacturer.

With these four additional SSDs and the operating system functions for drive management, you can either install large, fast or secure additional drives in the PC.

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