“Resident Evil 4 Remake”: Capcom adds microtransactions afterwards

Capcom has subsequently added microtransactions to the remake of “Resident Evil 4”: Anyone who spends $3 can upgrade a weapon. Normally, this requires in-game currency, which you have to diligently earn through side missions – now it’s faster for money.

The microtransactions are part of an update that adds a horde mode to “Resident Evil 4”. However, the weapon upgrades purchased with it can also be used in the regular game. According to the gaming magazine Polygon, similar microtransactions can also be found in other Capcom titles, including “Resident Evil 8” and the remake of “Resident Evil 2”.

The microtransactions in the remake of “Resident Evil 4” are particularly criticized in the gaming community because they were only built into the game after the release. The accusation: Professional game testers and the first wave of user reviews on platforms such as Metacritic and Steam cannot take the microtransactions into account.

Capcom has not yet commented on the subsequent microtransactions, nor can they be found in the patch notes for “Resident Evil 4”. Apparently, the microtransactions are justified with the new game mode “Mercenaries”, in which players have to survive waves of enemies.

It is debatable whether the microtransactions in the remake of “Resident Evil 4” can be called “Pay2Win”: In fact, they allow players to upgrade their weapons earlier and thus speed up a significant part of the game’s progress. Because “Resident Evil 4” is basically a single-player title, other players are not directly affected. In the new game mode “Mercenaries” you can measure yourself against other players with a high score. If you want to have a chance at high places there, you probably need the weapons at the highest level anyway – regardless of whether they are bought or earned.


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