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With the release of the open source software FullControl, you get the most out of the 3D printer. The development environment is now available to the general public. FullControl is open source 3D print path design software developed by Andrew Gleadall and Dirk Leas.

In contrast to the conventional way of working from CAD to STL, then slicer, which generates the GCode, here GCode is output directly without detours. So far there have only been a few demo objects, but they have shown the potential of this method nicely. Python source code (GPL V3) and documentation are available from the GitHub page, as well as examples and links to Jupyter notebooks to start experimenting with.

The process of direct construction with GCode gives you complete control over the printing process, i.e. “full control”. There are no restrictions on the conversion of 3D geometry and the process of decomposing into individual layers from CAD to GCode. Non-planar printing (not limited to the XY plane per layer) allows completely new surface structures.

Creating print paths that don’t require retractions (pulling back the filament to avoid “spilling”), acceleration and deceleration generates fast-to-print objects. The targeted use of individual bridging threads and nets enables new applications and structures, be it for technical things such as filters or sieves, or for artistic objects with generative surface structures.

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