Raspberry Pi: Online code editor designed to make programming fun for kids

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released an online code editor aimed at helping children as young as seven learn to write code. The editor is free and designed for young people. It is aimed equally at schools and for use at home.

Currently, the code editor allows you to write and run Python code directly in the browser, with no setup required. The interface is kept simple and clear. Learners can store their code with their Raspberry Pi Foundation account so they can access it anywhere.


Python was chosen as the first programming language for the code editor because it is popular in schools and because it is similar to the English language. In the future, the code editor will also receive support for web development languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Project sharing and collaboration features are also planned, as well as a safe, accessible and age-appropriate design.

Interested parties can test the code editor as part of the beta phase of the project. The aim is to inspire millions of young people to program and use digital technologies, explains the foundation. The Raspberry Pi Foundation plans to make the editor available as an open source project.

For the first steps there is a small tutorial with two sample projects that can be tried out in the editor. It is currently not possible to write programs for the Raspberry Pi hardware in the editor – but the basics created here should definitely be useful for young people and other interested parties for this purpose.

Online code editors for Python are also available from other providers, such as Trinket. Manufacturers such as Apple are also trying to make the first steps in programming palatable to users. For Apple devices, for example, there is the free Swift Playgrounds app, which can now even be used to develop fully-fledged apps for the App Store.


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