Optimizing home network: How mesh systems improve WiFi coverage

Fast, wireless Internet throughout the house, that’s what mesh WiFi systems promise. You can find out what a mesh is and how to install it correctly here.

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WLAN took its first steps 25 years ago, today the ubiquitous radio data technology is fast, efficient and integrated in all kinds of devices – from notebooks to smartwatches to toasters. However, the laws of nature do not care about this progress: if there are dampening obstacles between the router and the client, such as a stone wall or a reinforced concrete ceiling, they throttle or stop the network. Then the only thing that helps is to set up more WLAN access points and thus bring the wireless network closer to its users.

These used to be access points and repeaters, but today mesh WLAN systems dominate the market for small networks. All major network manufacturers and many providers offer products to flood the home with WLAN in the best possible way. Sets with two to four devices and from 150 to 2000 euros are currently available.

Some may now believe that “mesh” is just a hip word for “repeater” and “access point”. But there are some differences that you should be aware of. So let’s cover the basics here.

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