Nintendo: Court should help to unmask “Zelda” leakers

Nintendo wants to find out the identity of a “Zelda” leaker through legal means. The Japanese have submitted an application to a Californian court that is intended to oblige the Discord chat platform to release the alleged leaker’s personal details.

This was first reported by TorrentFreak magazine, which has the court documents. Accordingly, Nintendo is about the leak of an official art book for the upcoming open-world game “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”. The artbook has been circulating as a PDF document on Discord for about two months.

According to the court documents, Nintendo contacted Discord directly several times in February. On February 21, Nintendo filed a copyright complaint with Discord to have links to the leaked artbook removed from the Discord server “Tears of the Kingdom Official Discord Server” – despite the name, this is an unofficial channel not owned by Nintendo is operated. Discord apparently responded quickly and blocked the links.

But Nintendo didn’t go far enough: the company later asked Discord to ban the entire channel. Several users in the channel distributed the PDF via direct message, Nintendo justified this demand. Discord only replied that a warning had been issued on the server. The operator of the chat service was not willing to block the entire channel as requested by Nintendo.

Finally, on April 4, Nintendo filed a subpoena in a district court in California to get Discord to provide personal information about a particular user. Apparently, Nintendo suspects the original source of the leak behind this user. Among other things, Discord is said to pass on the person’s name, address and telephone number to Nintendo.

The procedure shows once again how strict Nintendo is against leaks. The Japanese company is also known for its lawsuits against the hacker and ROM scene: Nintendo repeatedly wins high compensation payments from people who violate the game company’s copyright.


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