“My Cloud”: Access to local data despite service failure at Western Digital

After a cyber burglary last week, Western Digital services such as “My Cloud” are still unavailable. So far, this has even affected locally stored data that was initially no longer accessible. Over the Easter weekend, Western Digital explained how users can access the data stored on local devices again.

On the status website, Western Digital writes that local access is recoverable during the outage of online services: “During this service interruption, you can use the Local Access feature to access files stored locally on your device are”. The feature allows direct access to personal files from a Mac or Windows computer that is on the same local network as the Western Digital device.

To enable local access, those affected should launch their preferred web browser and access the Western Digital storage dashboard. The “Local network access” function can be activated there and the local access required for this can be created. The manufacturer also provides a step-by-step guide in English on how to do this.

In the case of network storage devices with My Cloud OS 5, namely the My Cloud PR and EX series, local access is already activated and functional.

Western Digital reported last week that it was the victim of a cyber attack. As a result, the company took systems and services offline for security reasons – to protect data and investigate the incident.

SCreenshot Western Digital Service Status

SCreenshot Western Digital Service Status

The Western Digital Service status now shows “green” again for local access – this can now be restored.

(Bild: Screenshot/dmk)

Among other things, various services of the NAS devices for private customers were affected: Online access is not available for devices such as My Cloud and My Cloud Home (Duo), and the apps for synchronizing devices with My Cloud OS5 have also been down for days . With the procedure now presented, those affected can at least access the locally stored data again.


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