Instant cameras in the comparison test: Polaroid against Fujifilm and Canon

Colorful, networked, really practical: Instant cameras are different. It is important to choose the model that best suits your needs.

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Instant cameras are becoming more and more popular: while classic photo cameras have been weakening for years, Fujifilm Instax and Co. are on the up. In times of digital and always reproducible perfection, they capture a moment authentically – in all its imperfect uniqueness and directly to touch.

There have long been different types of instant cameras on the market, which differ greatly in terms of technology and meet different needs. Basically, they can be divided into three different categories: analog instant cameras, hybrid instant cameras and digital instant cameras.

classic, analog instant cameras are particularly easy to use. They come from providers such as Lomography, Fujifilm, Polaroid or Rollei and expose the images on analog integral film with the typical white frame. Hybrid instant cameras also work with integral film, but are technically more sophisticated. Some of them connect to the smartphone, have more setting options and can even contain an image sensor to record photos digitally, for example on a micro SD card. Such devices come from Fujifilm or Polaroid.

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