Due to high demand: Fourth c’t webinar on ChatGPT on May 23, 2023

On May 23, 2023, c’t will host another webinar from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. on the practical use of ChatGPT and other AI text tools. It more or less corresponds to three others that took place in March and April. These were quickly sold out, c’t is now responding to the high demand and is offering a fourth edition, which, however, is being adapted to the latest developments.

The webinar helps to understand the new technologies and their impact on work, industries and companies. And it provides answers to questions such as: Why is ChatGPT experiencing such an influx? Is the hype justified? And what is changing now or very soon for many people?

The AI ​​voice bot ChatGPT recently unleashed an unparalleled hype: when it was officially launched in December, a million users tried it out within just two days. More than 100 million people are now storming the service.

In around two and a half hours, c’t editors Jo Bager and Hartmut Gieselmann give a detailed and practical introduction to how ChatGPT works and its capabilities and limitations. But they also look beyond the voice bot. Because just like ChatGPT operator OpenAI, other providers will also bring about fundamental changes in many industries in the coming weeks and months.

Joerg Heidrich, legal counsel at Heise Medien, classifies ChatGPT and the texts written with AI language tools in the following, especially with regard to copyright. It then introduces language tools that can already be used today with ChatGPT and other language models, including browser add-ons for ChatGPT, general-purpose text help, search engines and tools for scientific research. Experiences with plagiarism checkers, which are said to be able to recognize texts written by AI tools, are also presented.

Finally, the c’t experts present a selection of tools for specific sectors, such as education, media companies, marketing, search engine optimization and customer service. After the individual thematic blocks there is still an opportunity for questions from the participants.

The webinar costs EUR 49.90 (all prices including statutory VAT). Subscribers to c’t and heise+ will receive a separate discount, which they were informed of earlier via e-mail. The recording of the webinar and other materials provided can also be accessed afterwards. Another webinar on the subject is now also being offered: The c’t webinar “ChatGPT, Midjourney & Co.: Legal aspects when using AI generators in the professional environment” on May 24, 2023 is intended to provide clarity on data protection and copyright issues . It therefore deepens one of the program items from the general webinar.


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