Tesla: class action lawsuit in response to handling of video footage

In response to a Reuters report on the handling of video footage from customer vehicles, Tesla owner Henry Yeh has filed a class-action lawsuit against the automaker in California. Tesla employees are said to have violated privacy rights by sharing recordings in internal chats. Yeh is suing on his behalf and on behalf of all others affected. In addition to intimate photos and videos, videos of accidents and problems in road traffic were also very popular with Tesla employees.

The promise on the Tesla website about responsible handling of customer data and protection of privacy does not seem to be heeded by all employees. Since 2019, the carmaker’s employees are said to have shared pictures and videos from customers’ cars in private, internal chats for their own entertainment. Based on the footage, Tesla employees are said to have been able to find out the address and possibly the identity of the car owner.

If US judges uphold the lawsuit, the automaker could be forced to pay damages to vehicle owners. According to the plaintiff, the owners of a Tesla currently have the option of having the cameras deactivated by a specialist, but in doing so would lose access to the autopilot. The driving assistance of the electric cars is said to have been one of the key sales arguments. In the event that you leave the cameras on, you have to reckon with the fact that your own privacy is not protected.

Last week, Reuters revealed the unfair practice that former Tesla employees told the news agency. The Complaint in the District Court of Northern California (File Number 3:23-cv-01704) is located here.


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