Briefly informed: Zimbra, robot gripper, e-prescription, Nintendo Switch

The US cyber security authority CISA has included a vulnerability in the groupware Zimbra in the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalogue. The IT security service provider Proofpoint reports that the attackers would use this to attack webmail portals of governments that belong to the NATO alliance. The suspected cyber gang “Winter Vivern” has connections to Russia and Belarus. It attacks publicly accessible Zimbra webmail portals. The aim is to gain access to e-mails from the military, government and diplomatic organizations in Europe involved in the Russia-Ukraine war. The scripts are each customized for the targeted organization and allow the cybercriminals to steal usernames, passwords, active session tokens and CSRF tokens. Administrators should apply the available Zimbra patches as soon as possible to prevent potential damage and unwanted information leakage.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronics Design IEM has developed a robot gripper that can pick up fragile objects without damaging them. It can be used in the food industry, for example, to move sensitive goods such as marshmallows, eggs, meatballs or chocolates. The fingers are not moved pneumatically, but driven electrically. In this way, the gripper can be controlled precisely and dynamically, which enables the fingers to be moved in a targeted manner. A sensor in the fingers determines the required force depending on the objects.

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After several attempts, the e-prescription is set to become “binding” in January 2024. Before that, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Westphalia-Lippe Schleswig-Holstein want to continue testing the e-prescription in September. Theoretically, doctors throughout Germany can offer e-prescriptions, but there has not yet been a breakthrough. One reason for this is the cumbersome authentication required to use the e-prescription app.

Defective Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch will be repaired free of charge, even outside the warranty period. This is what Nintendo promises on a support page. The so-called Joy-Con drift has been the biggest problem area of ​​the Nintendo Switch game console for years: after prolonged use, many analog sticks of the removable Joy-Con register inputs even when the device is idle. Playing becomes difficult if not impossible because the actual inputs are “distorted”. The repair promise is valid in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.


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