Bigger problems with Apple Weather: temperature and forecasts are missing

Apple Weather is partly down: The manufacturer’s weather app preinstalled on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Macs no longer displays fresh weather data and forecasts for many locations. The disruption seems widespread, but obviously does not affect all users – and not all places either. In many cases, only weather data from certain cities are missing, on the iPhones of the Mac & i editors it was Hanover and Wiesbaden, for example. However, it is also possible that another device is displaying weather information for these cities at the same time, but no longer knows other data.

The outages in Apple Weather seem to have been occurring sporadically for several days for several users, mostly the release of iOS 16.4 is cited as the time when the problems started. Since Tuesday, however, the number of problem reports has increased significantly. Sometimes it helps temporarily to close and reopen the app to get fresh data.

Apple itself mentions an impairment in the weather on the system status page, which has existed since Tuesday morning at 5 a.m., but is said to only affect the hourly precipitation forecast for Alaska and supposedly only “some users”.

Since Apple Weather is deeply integrated into the operating systems, the disruptions are not only evident in the weather app itself, but in several other places: This ranges from empty iPhone weather widgets to Apple Watch complications with outdated information on the outside temperature and other weather conditions to missing weather information in Apple Maps. Whether Apple’s warning system for extreme weather conditions is also disrupted remains unclear for the time being.

As of iOS 15.2, Apple now delivers the weather data with its own service called “Apple Weather”, which, in addition to current data, also provides a 10-day forecast and can also be integrated by developers into their own apps – for a fee. There have been no reports of a WeatherKit API malfunction so far.

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