Briefly informed: Germany ticket, EHDS, microplastics, electric standing scooters

The Deutschlandticket can now be purchased. The standard version costs EUR 49 per month and can be used nationwide in public and regional transport in 2nd class from May 1st. The ticket should be digital on the smartphone, alternatively a chip card is also possible. The Deutschlandticket is available from Deutsche Bahn as an annual ticket with monthly and annual payment. If you don’t want to pay by direct debit but with cash or card, you can do so at the sales counters, but only for a year in advance, a DB spokesman told heise online.

The European plans for a health data room (EHDS for short) go too far, criticizes the data protection conference of the federal and state governments in a joint statement. The planned regulations were not sufficient to really protect those affected. The EU Commission’s proposal provides that health data for research may be transmitted without the consent of those affected. There is no right of objection. However, data subjects must retain “effective control” over the processing of their personal data, the statement said. The data protection conference considers the EU Commission’s proposal to centralize clear data at one access point to be simply “inadmissible”.

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Microplastics are now everywhere. It’s in the air we breathe, the water we drink – and the food we eat. According to current estimates, some people eat plastic the size of a credit card every week. But we still don’t know exactly what all those tiny bits of plastic are doing to us and other living things. New studies on seabirds now indicate that the foreign bodies eaten could affect the intestinal microbiome. Accordingly, with more plastic in the intestine, more microorganisms were found that are known to break down plastic. There were also more microbes resistant to antibiotics and more microbes with the potential to cause disease.

The residents of the French capital Paris have spoken out in a vote against the public rental of standing electric scooters in the city. Of the approximately 1.4 million eligible voters, only a little over 103,000 took part in the vote, but almost 90 percent voted against the self-service scooters. The landlords now fear that the Paris decision could turn out to be groundbreaking for “micro-mobility”. In Germany, many municipalities have already declared war on the parking chaos. In some cities there are separate parking areas for scooters and tickets for wrongly parked vehicles.


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