Adafruit GFX Library: Create simple graphics with ESP32 and display

With a few simple geometric shapes, basic programming knowledge, a bit of creativity and our tips, you can easily create graphics.

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Displays are a handy addition to many Maker projects communicating with us and giving us feedback. As a human-machine interface, they display the status of a device or various sensors, for example, and thanks to their ability to display graphics, even complex information such as symbols, diagrams or animations can be displayed.

What a few simple LEDs sometimes can’t do, a display can easily do thanks to graphic libraries. What tools the Adafruit GFX Library I will show you in this workshop how you can create controllable loading bars from triangles and squares even as a display novice – we will only devote ourselves to bitmaps next time.

From the countless screens that Adafruit supported, I have selected two that will give you a direct start: a monochrome OLED display (SSD1306) and a TFT touch color display (ILI9341).

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