Billionaire smartphone: Bill Gates uses a Galaxy Z Fold 4

Bill Gates uses a Galaxy Z Fold 4 privately. The Microsoft founder revealed this in a recent Reddit question and answer session. Gates writes that he personally received the cell phone from Samsung chairman Jay Y. Lee. Previously he had already used a Fold 3. He appreciates the larger displays of the Android folding cell phones because he doesn’t have to use a tablet.

Gates might feel a little heartache. The fact that Android was able to prevail against Windows Mobile is one of the biggest mistakes of his career. Gates has emphasized this several times, and he once again expressed his regret in the current Reddit question and answer session: he would like to go back and try a different mobile phone strategy, writes Gates when asked what his biggest mistakes at Microsoft were. Gates had previously described the lost battle against Android as his worst failure in the Microsoft era.

In his current Reddit question and answer session, which he organizes at irregular intervals, Gates also addresses climate change. In one post he expresses the hope that mankind could face up to climate change thanks to technical advances: “The climate will slow down our progress in improving human well-being. But I still believe that we are avoiding a terrible outcome can,” writes Gates. “The speed of innovation is really picking up, although we won’t be able to meet the 1.5 degree target.”

Wealth was also a topic on Reddit: “Being rich can make you take off quickly,” writes Gates. However, he considers the motivation to found new companies to be important. The billionaire is clearly in favor of higher taxes for the super-rich: “I think the very rich should pay a lot more taxes and give up their wealth over time.” It was very “fulfilling” for him.

Gates pledged to donate his entire fortune to his charitable Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “I will slide down the list of the richest people in the world and eventually disappear altogether,” the 66-year-old wrote on Twitter. In the Forbes ranking of the super-rich, Bill Gates is currently in seventh place with a fortune of 103.4 billion US dollars.


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