IG Metall calls for warning strikes, including the night shift at Audi

One day before the fourth round of collective bargaining in the Bavarian metal and electrical industry, IG Metall called on several thousand employees in 20 companies to go on warning strikes. After many car suppliers, the car manufacturer Audi was also affected for the first time on Monday: At the main plant in Ingolstadt, the night shift employees should not work for two hours. At ZF in Schweinfurt, the early and late shifts should each finish their work two hours earlier. The regional focal points of the actions on Monday are Lower Franconia, Upper Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate.

The fourth bargaining round for the 855,000 metal workers in Bavaria will take place on Tuesday (from 4 p.m.) in Munich. In the nationwide collective bargaining dispute, IG Metall is demanding eight percent more wages for a contract term of twelve months.

Employers offered a one-off payment of 3,000 euros net for a period of 30 months, as well as an unspecified increase in the wage tables. IG Metall district leader Johann Horn said: “We are now expecting a significantly improved, substantial offer from employers.” There are many other companies and shifts that are ready to go on warning strikes.


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