Apple executives have ‘no choice’ but to follow EU’s USB-C decree

By the end of 2024 at the latest, the iPhone in Europe will have to switch to USB-C – or do without a charging socket. Apple’s marketing manager Greg Joswiak emphasized in an interview that Apple will “naturally” bow to the European requirement for a uniform charging technology for mobile devices – you have “no other choice” than to follow the law.

The group had repeatedly publicly criticized the efforts of the European Commission and described them as hostile to innovation, but had not yet commented on the approval by the Council of the European Union.

At the same time, the Apple manager made it clear that he does not consider such interference to be effective. It would be better if governments “didn’t prescribe” a specific technical standard, Joswiak explained in the interview. He doesn’t mind if governments explain to the company what they ultimately want to achieve – after all, Apple has clever engineers who “find the best way” to do it. According to Joswiak, if the EU had gotten through its efforts for micro-USB as a charging interface more than ten years ago, neither Lightning nor USB-C would have been developed.

The problem has long since been solved by the fact that the power supply and charging cable are no longer firmly connected, so you can continue to use a USB power supply without any problems and only have to change the cable if necessary. The forced switch to USB-C is now causing additional electronic waste, according to the manager, after all there are over 1 billion iPhones with Lightning ports and corresponding cables in circulation.

Apple is the last major smartphone manufacturer to use its own socket with Lightning – for over ten years. In the meantime, some customers are also becoming increasingly frustrated with Apple’s insistence on the old and slow interface. Observers expect that the group could switch to USB-C with the iPhone 15 as early as 2023. Other Apple products such as Macs have been using USB-C for many years, and with the iPad 10, all new iPad models now also do without Lightning. Apple has also recently switched to USB-C for accessories such as the Siri remote control.

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