Beers at a Denver Nuggets game are second most expensive in the NBA

Denver Nuggets fans pay more for beer than fans of almost any other NBA franchise.

That’s according to, which recently calculated what it costs for a family of four to attend a game at each U.S. basketball arena. And just in time, too – the Nuggets’ 2022-23 season tipped off this week in Salt Lake City against the Utah Jazz. The team’s first home game at Ball Arena is Saturday against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Nuggets fans pay $14.72 per 16-ounce beer at home games, found. That’s second only to last season’s championship competitors, the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics – concessionaires at both charge $17.28 per beer – and about $4 more than the league average of $10.53.

Thankfully, Nuggets fans can pinch pennies elsewhere. The sports betting website found that the overall cost for a family of four to catch Nikola Jokić and Jamal Murray on their home court pales in comparison to other teams around the league.

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