Arjun Kapoor’s Sister, Anshula Reveals She Has PCOS, Says, ‘My Periods Were Excruciatingly Painful’

Arjun Kapoor's Sister, Anshula Reveals She Has PCOS, Says, 'My Periods Were Excruciatingly Painful'

Bollywood actor, Arjun Kapoor’s sister, Anshula Kapoor opened up about her difficult PCOS journey. The star sister talked about her excruciatingly painful periods and the visible symptoms that came with them. For the unversed, Anshula Kapoor is the daughter of the film producer, Boney Kapoor and his first wife, Mona Shourie Kapoor. 

Anshula keeps documenting her life on her IG handle. Earlier, she had posted a gorgeous picture of herself in a bikini and flaunted her curves. She also revealed that she was always hesitant about wearing a bikini. However, she is slowly learning to un-hate her body and accept it even on days when it is bloated. 

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On October 19, 2022, Anshula took to her Instagram handle and posted a video, wherein she talked about her PCOS journey. She revealed that she was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries (PCOS) at the age of fourteen, and because of it, she had to miss school a lot. She also shared that she had excruciatingly painful period pain. 

Further in the video, Anshula shared that the worse part of having PCOS was facial hair and weight gain. And her Punjabi genes made it even worse. She revealed that once in tenth class, she would wax her moustache and bleach her sidelocks every few weeks. Anshula captioned the video as:

“I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries (PCOS) at the age of 14. Now, as an adult, I know how common it is. But at the time, it was never spoken about. I felt like I was the only one dealing with myriads of PCOS symptoms. Facial hair, insulin resistance, weight gain, heavy, painful periods, and so much more.”

Well, Anshula is definitely an inspiration as she talks about PCOS openly! What do you think?

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