nia: NIA carries out searches at over 50 locations

NIA carried out searches at more than 50 locations in Punjab, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan and Delhi and adjoining areas on Tuesday in connection with an alleged nexus between terrorists, gangsters and drug smugglers based in India and abroad. The agency had registered two cases in August against the suspected gang leaders and their associates spearheading and carrying out such terrorist and criminal activities.

“The recent sensational crimes and extortion calls by criminal syndicates and gangsters to businessmen, professionals, including doctors had created a widespread scare among the people. These gangs were using cyberspace to publicise these crimes to create terror among the public at large,” the NIA said in a statement. “Investigations also revealed that such criminal acts were not isolated local incidents but there was a deep-rooted conspiracy amongst terrorists, gangsters and drug smuggling cartels and networks, who were operating from both within and outside the country.”

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