India’s Power Grid to Gain Greater Protection From Cyberattacks, Power Minister Says: Report

The country’s power grid is set to gain improved protection from cyberattacks, Union Power Minister RK Singh reportedly stated on Thursday. As per a report, while the threat of cyberattacks aimed at the electricity network has remained an issue, the minister said that the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022, will include a provision for the regular inspection of the national electricity grid, as part of the government’s efforts to improve cybersecurity of the power network which have previously been targeted by cyberattacks.  

The Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022 includes a provision created by the power ministry that allows for inspection of the national electricity grid, according to a report by PTI. The inspection will help to maintain cyber hygiene in the power grid, which has faced cyberattacks on more than one occasion over the past year. 

As per the report, the power ministry is aware of the source of attacks on the power transmission system, which is why the provision for regular inspections has been included. 

“Therefore, we are empowering our central (national) load dispatch centre so that it can do inspections and give directions. We have one grid in the country and if there is some issue in one corner of the nation then the entire grid can collapse. That is why this provision is made,” the minister told PTI. 

In April, the minister had announced that attempts made by hackers based in China that were aimed at the electricity distribution centres near Ladakh had been blocked. The power transmission in the Union Territory has been taregeted twice, he had stated at the time.

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