Apple, HTC, ZTE LTE-Capable Devices Didn’t Violate INVT’s Wireless Patents, US Appeals Court Says

A US appeals court on Wednesday reportedly ruled in favour of Apple, HTC and ZTE over claims that imports of their devices violate wireless technology patents held by INVT. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reportedly said that smartphones and other devices by Apple, HTC and ZTE do not infringe INVT’s rights in two patents related to wireless communication originally owned by Panasonic. The patent-holding company earlier sought an import ban on allegedly infringing devices in the US.

As per a report by Reuters, a three-judge Federal Circuit panel of judges ruled that Apple, HTC and ZTE devices do not breach patents held by INVT related to wireless technology.

“Smartphones, smart watches, tablets and other LTE-capable devices of the companies do not violate INVT’s rights in two patents originally owned by Panasonic,” the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said, as per the report.

The devices functioned differently than what is described in the patent, said the court, adding that they were not capable of receiving and handling data signals in the same way as INVT’s patented technology.

Back in 2018, INVT had filed a complaint against Apple, HTC and ZTE at the US International Trade Commission accusing their devices that comply with the LTE wireless standard of infringing its patents. It called for a ban on imports of the allegedly infringing devices. The commission ruled for the device makers in 2020.

With the appeals court affirming that the patents were not violated, the tech companies can continue to import and sell their smartphones and other devices in the US, according to the report.

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