22nd Grenchen Triennial “Periphery of Overflow”

Art exhibition of contemporary, international original print graphics

More than 700 international artists from 50 countries show their current printmaking works on almost 2000m2 exhibition space in Grenchen.

Winner MiniPrint2021 Janeth Berettini, best interpretation of time without time

Winner MiniPrint2021 Janeth Berettini, best interpretation of time without time

Grenchen is famous for the International Print Triennial since 1958. The world’s oldest print triennial will take place at the Grenchen marketplace from 10-26 September 2021. Admission is free of charge.

With the worldwide competition Miniprint 2021, artists from more than 50 countries are participating in the exhibition. Curator Kardo Kosta (Evilard, Switzerland) is showing the latest xylographic works by 723 artists in an old bank with a safe, fashion boutique and café in a vacant commercial building on the market square in Grenchen. No other exhibition in the world has ever shown such a wide variety of current works, a Mecca for discovering new trends, names and works. The whole world in one place from 10-26.10.2021 in Grenchen/Switzerland www.triennale.ch

The Grenchen Art Society has been organising the Grenchen Triennial, the exhibition of international original prints, every three years since 1958 and has always tracked down new trends and works that were later exhibited in museums and collections worldwide. Artists such as A.R.Penk, Sugai Kumi, Toni Tapies, Georg Baslitz, Leiko Ikemura or Lill Tschudi were already shown in Grenchen when these names were hardly known! With the 22nd Grenchen Triennial and with over 1.5 million visitors studying the competition announcement on the Internet, the exhibition guarantees new discoveries in original printmaking!

The town of Grenchen in the Swiss Mittelland has been actively promoting original prints since the 1950s. In the beginning, it was the galleries Toni Brechbühl, Galerie Bernhard with Hans Liechti, later the Kunstverein and the Society for an Art Museum and today the Art Museum Grenchen with its graphic art collection as well as the Kunstgesellschaft Grenchen with its members and volunteers who help to give original prints a platform.


Exhibition duration: 10.-26.09.2021
Opening hours: Fri/Sat 1pm-8pm, Sun 11am-5pm, Mon-Thu closed.
Catalogue: CHF 25.-
Admission: free of charge

Philipp Glocker, Kunstgesellschaft Grenchen, +41 76 5630540, [email protected] DE, EN, FR

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